Welcome to Sinclo Wellness Blog

Welcome to Sinclo Wellness Blog

Well, this is a bit scary because you reading this means we have launched, and I somehow survived it all (and I finally stopped procrastinating writing this…). 

Please bear with me with this post, as much as I always wanted to be a writer and author when I was a child - I definitely do not have a natural talent to write! 

I'm Kate and the co-owner of Sinclo. 5 things about me to pretty much sum me up: 

  1. I’m from the UK and moved to Australia when I was 19 and finally got my Aussie citizenship last year in June 2020. 
  2. I have fallen asleep pretty much every night for approximately the past 10 years listening to Gilmore Girls. 
  3. I’m also one of the most annoying people to talk to because I’m a huge tangent storyteller so drive people crazy taking an hour to tell you something that would take most people 1 minute. 
  4. I absolutely love cooking - I am a self-proclaimed potato Queen. 
  5. I’m a recovering big control freak. 

Starting a business is definitely a wild experience with so many ups and downs but I'm so happy to have got to this point. My partner, Sam and I came up with the idea of the business in July 2020 after being so frustrated in finding water bottles that we both liked and the main issue we were finding we couldn't agree on were the lids. So, I said to Sam jokingly that we should just start a company so we could design and make our perfect water bottles and then the rest has been a bit of a whirlwind (with just about every single possible emotion experienced throughout the process). 

I thought of the idea of adding a blog to the website to create a hub of articles and conversations about everything natural health as well as the environment and the ongoing struggle to be as sustainable as possible. I fell into my love of natural health from struggling with unanswered health problems which started in 2015 which led me to being passed from specialist to specialist and receiving no answers. I would read so many articles, blogs and social media posts on people’s different experiences with their health journeys. I always thought how helpful it would be to be able to land in one spot to find all of these types of articles and blog posts so I'm finally implementing that here on the Sinclo Wellness Blog. The plan is to have guest bloggers covering as many topics as possible and if even one person reads something on one of the blogs that can potentially help them then I would be so happy. 


So, stay tuned - I already have some really interesting guest blogs lined up and I can’t wait for you all to read them!

Kate xx

P.s If there’s any topics that you’re interested in reading about please get in touch in the comments below or email us at sinclowellnessblog@sinclo.com.au!

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