Why are your bottles any different to others?

Sinclo is a eco conscious small business on the Gold Coast, AUS offering high quality multi purpose stainless steel water bottles. With functionality and sustainability at the forefront of the design process, Sinclo water bottles are made from food grade stainless steel which means they are made to last and won't leach harmful chemicals into your beverages. We currently have four lids available for you to choose from. Our long term goal is to have a lid option for everyone.

Do I pay for the $1 donated to charity? Can I opt out of this?

You don't pay any extra for the donation, we take $1 from our profits to give back to charity. We change the charities to ensure we're reaching as many charities as possible and raising as much money for the charities as we can. If you have any charities you are passionate about and want us to consider adding to our future selections please email us at hello@sinclo.com.au

Do you use any plastic in your packaging?

No we do not! We have worked really hard to ensure that our packaging is as eco friendly as possible. We're passionate about the environment and are trying as a business to keep our negative impact on the earth as minimal as possible. Our packaging includes: a compostable postage bag, a recyclable cardboard box, recyclable brown card paper, seed paper, compostable stickers, compostable mailing label and recycled paper. We give directions about how to recycle each piece of packaging in your parcel, if it's still unclear or you have further questions please send us an email at hello@sinclo.com.au and we can help you.

Do any of the bottles have BPA?

No, all of our bottles and lids are BPA free.

Why stainless steel? Why can we not just use plastic bottles?

With the plastic bottles, even though now the bottles are mostly BPA free, these bottles still contain chemicals. These chemicals have been shown to leach into the liquids you are drinking. This can especially happen when the bottles are heated (by the general temperature raising or by heating the bottles in the microwave or putting warm/hot liquids inside). The chemicals have been shown to disrupt our hormones which can make us more susceptible to illness and diseases.

Do you stock any bottles in any stores?

We are currently just online but will hopefully be in stores soon! We are however at the Village Markets in Burleigh on the first and third Sunday of every month. If you are a store of wholesaler please contact us via our wholesale enquiry page. If you are a customer and want our products stocked in a shop, cafe or health studio please either refer them to us or email us at hello@sinclo.com.au and we can try to reach out to them for you!


Are the bottles and lids dishwasher safe?

You can put the all of the bottles (except the Gaily 1.2L bottle) and lids in the dishwasher, however we do recommend you handwash them. This is just so ensure the finishes on the bottles aren't damaged. If you do put them in the dishwasher - we just recommend top shelf only.

Will the bottles keep my drinks hot or cold?

Yes! The double walled stainless steel bottles will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.

Are the bottles leakproof?

For our Babi, Stevie, Sammy & Biggie bottles, our Trenty, Pauly & Chrissy lids are leakproof. Our Claudy straw lid can still leak a few drops of water. Our OG Gaily bottles unfortunately aren't leakproof but the 2.0 Gaily bottles are!

What payment methods do you accept?

The payment methods we accept are: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Afterpay and of course our Sinclo gift cards.

Shipping Information


Shipping within Australia

Standard Shipping $7

Express Shipping $10

Free Standard Shipping for all orders over $75

Free ExpressShipping for all orders over $120

All orders placed before 12pm will be dispatched same day.

orders are sent via Australia Post from our Gold Coast based warehouse
and typically take between 2-6 business days to arrive after they have
been dispatched.

Express Shipping orders are sent via Australia
Post Express and typically take between 1-3 business days to arrive
after they have been dispatched.

Gold Coast Local Pick Up

offer pick up for locals on the Gold Coast. We aim to have your order
ready within 24 hours. Once you've placed your order and have received
your confirmation, please either email us hello@sinclo.com.au or text
us 0459541990 at least 6 hours prior you the time you would want to pick
up your package, then wait for us to confirm the collection time. 

Shipping Internationally

are currently are only shipping internationally to NZ & the UK - if
you're wanting us to consider shipping to you please email us at

NZ - Flat rate $24 for all orders

UK  - Flat rate $45 for all orders  

your order has been dispatched you will received shipping confirmation
and details to track your order. All orders are processed and
shipped within 1-2 business days. If there's any delays with processing
your order we will let you know ASAP. Once your order has been
dispatched you will receive an email with your shipping confirmation and
details to track your order.

How do I apply a discount code?

You can apply the discount code at checkout. Our discounts apply to all full price products, however the discounts aren't always valid on our twinpacks.

Do the bottles contain lead?

Our most recent lab test results shows that neither the paintwork or the stainless steel contains lead.


I've changed my mind and want a different water bottle size/colour, can I exchange?

As long as the bottle hasn't been used and is still in it's original packaging - you absolutely can. You will just need to pay for shipping for the new bottle and send back the one you're wanting to exchange. If you have changed your mind please contact us at hello@sinclo.com.au and we'll arrange that with you.

HELP! My water bottle is leaking?

First - check inside the lid, there is a little silicone ring on the inside that sometimes can pop out. Make sure the silicone ring is secured and then double check if it's still leaking. If you're still having issues please contact us on hello@sinclo.com.au