Sinclo Giveback Program

We Give Back With Every Purchase

At Sinclo, we understand that we are in an extremely privileged situation and would feel wrong to not give back to the people that really need it. We often donate to charities ourselves however what a better way to do extra donations than for you guys to tell us where to send the money. Every three months we will change the charities around to try and give to as many as we can. We'll keep the updates here with how much we have raised for each charity. YOU have the choice by selecting at checkout which charity you want us to donate AU$1 to.


The Cambodian Kids Foundation (CKF) is a not for profit organisation and a registered Cambodian NGO. The foundation’s underlying philosophy is one of working with people to provide a “Hand up not Hand out”, coupled with the multiplying effect of “Pay it Forward”.

CKF aim to educate and empower the people of Cambodia through a number of projects that ensure maximum sustainability. In particular, the foundation looks to the future and the creation of a better Cambodia for its people. They believe that in order to change the future for the better, we must nurture and empower the youngest generation; the next leaders of Cambodia. CKF help the people from a grassroots level, ensuring that all of their projects are sustainable and headed by the Khmer people, with CKF working closely beside them.

Deathrow Unchained (DRU) is a 100% volunteer based animal rescue, focusing on last chance, deathrow, neglect and abuse cases. DRU’s animal sanctuary is home to 170 animals from all walks of life, including farm animals as well as domestic. There is a strong focus on animals with high medical needs and rehabilitation, with the sanctuary even having an entire yard dedicated to cows with special needs. The sanctuary is also home to a tree plantation with over 500 eucalyptus trees to help rehabilitate koalas and Australian wildlife. Since opening 6 years ago, DRU has saved over 3,600 lives.

Deathrow Unchained has over 150 volunteers that dedicate their time to running the rescue and sanctuary. We run at no profit and all of the money we raise goes directly into animal care and the community programs we run.

The National Justice Project is a civil rights organisation dedicated to tackling systemic injustice and racism. We are independent and courageous, with a proven track record of working with vulnerable people and communities. We use the law, education and advocacy to create real change.
We represent clients in public interest litigation and educate people in marginalised communities about their rights. We advocate for law reform to eradicate all forms of discrimination and we take on the most challenging cases which we believe will advance human rights.
We do not seek or receive any government funding. We rely on donations from the community to fund our work.
Our ultimate goal is to create a more equitable society and fairer societal systems for First Nations peoples, asylum seekers, people with disabilities and others in need.

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